Copal Incense Blend



Copal Psychic Sense Blend; Copal and Benzoine resin, Calendula, Citrus and various high vibe flowers.

Product details; .60 oz with 1 free starter charcoal.

Resin incense is an excellent alternative to traditional incense sticks because of its natural composition. It’s made from natural tree resins and doesn’t contain any artificial or chemical ingredients. As a result, its a better option for those who prefer natural scents. Plus, resin incense has a longer-lasting scent making it ideal for creating an atmosphere during readings, rituals or during meditation.

Resin incense has spiritual benefits as well. Different types of resin incense have been used for centuries across various cultures and religions due to their cleansing and attracting properties. They can be used for spiritual purposes like creating an atmosphere, enhancing psychic abilities, and clearing and protecting ncebse 6th

To burn resin incense and blend all you need is a charcoal disk and a cauldron or metal dish.

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