Cottage Witch Cauldron Candle



Hand-made 5 oz Soy Candle scented with Oakmoss and Amber.  This earthy scent has a light hint of Orange, Grapefruit, and Sage with a  soft note of  Lavender, and a clean finish of  Oakmoss, Amber, and Tonka! Natural elements of pine, flowers and herbs and Smoky Quartz crystal top this cauldron filled candle!

Cast Iron Cauldron w/handle 5″ Diameter Handle to Handle, 3″ Inside Diameter

Variations may occur due to hand producing of materials.

Local Pick up or drop off available in the Chicago area. For shipping 1 item is 6.99, 2 + items are 9.99 please add appropriate shipping if you purchase more than one item. 🙂

Safety Disclaimer: Akashic Love & Light Is not responsible for any damage to any persons or property as a result of purchasing or using products. Please follow the directions of use. Use at your own risk, and do burn unsupervised. These products have been tested but keep in mind they are hand-made.

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